Keep Your Loved Ones Close To You Even After The Death

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Dealing with the death of the loved one is not an easy experience for any individual. In fact, majorities wish if time could be turned back to undo such events. With that said, if you’re going through some rough time at present, it would be too painful. On the other hand, you might not be aware of ways to keep your loved one close to you even after their demise. In fact, at present, majorities consider cremation over burial for many reasons. With that said, as it’s not easy of letting go of loved ones, people have found ways to keep the memories last long. You might be wondering how this is so? What do individuals do for keepsake of the deceased family member?

If you were only aware of about burial and cremation urns, this article would be interesting to read. As, there are plenty of methods individuals’ uses to store or disperse the ashes. Looking at that sentence, you might be drawn to the word ‘storing’, which non-every individual would be fond of. However, there are many cultures, ethnicities, etc. that follow such rituals. Given that, here are some of the ways to keep family members close after the demise:

• Diamonds

Have you heard about these precious stones made of the remains of the deceased individual? If it’s the first time you’re hearing it, in fact, this is true. There are many businesses that make cremation ashes diamond for those who’ve lost loved ones. The colour of the stones ranges in shades of blue, which they store in boxes for keepsake. Look here for furter information regarding ashes diamond.

• Cremation urns

There are special urns that are used for storing away the remains of a family, friend, etc. These urns are kept in a special place known as the columbarium. These urns could be kept at home, however, if there isn’t a suitable place, it could be kept here.

• Jewellery

The idea of wearing jewellery, with a little ash of a loved one encased, might not be ideal, there are those who wear them. In fact, they could make rings, necklaces with encasings, etc. Some spend ashes diamond cost, which are included in the designs of the pieces. The jewellery is available in silver, gold and so on.

• Planting tree

On the other hand, some individuals opt for giving back to the world and dedicating something in memory of the deceased. Therefore, another way of storing the remains is planting a sapling in the backyard. Alternatively, there are memorial plant urns available for this purpose as well.
While some of you might be aware of the information mentioned above, you might have learnt new facts. Therefore, you could reduce the pain and grief even after the loss of a family member. With that said, it could be strange to hear about some of these. However, ultimately, it’s the decision of the person and family who wishes to deal with his or her remains.