Great Items To Add To Your Beach Kit

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We all have a beach kit made to take with us when want to have that weekend getaway. The kit usually has items we are familiar with and we are not usually inclined to change the beach kit or update it unless necessary. But here are some ideas to help you get thoughts on how to update this list as you want, or if you want.

Fancy towels

If you bored of the regular travel towel, then upgrade it with a fancy towel like a tic-tac one. The tic-tac cloth has a crisscrossed grosgrain ribbon to create a giant tic tac board for your kids to play with. You can use shells as the markers or take your own fun items. It would be a great way to get your kids to stay in one place without too much hassle.

Souvenir sling chair

If you do not have a sling chair or your existing one is too old for you to sit without being in the risk of falling flat onto the sand then go for one with a great print. You can even make your own sling seat with your favorite cloth (durable and versatile for sure) that has your favorite thing sprinted on it. You can buy the wooden or plastic camp sling seat chair frame to add the sling onto.

Beach chair strap

Of you want to move from one beach to another and you are someone who constantly changes seating places, then having your own beach chair strap to get your chair onto your back so you can take it along is a great option and a favorable one to taking the chair onto your hands.

Cute foodies

There are tons of beach related food recipes as many types of towels such as travel towel are in the market. Of all of this, you will have to consider ones that are easy to make, easy to pack and durable for the travelling journey and the heat at the beach. Instead of packing everything in the cooler, try to make food items that can last in the outside too. Some of the sweeter and cuter ones are cupcakes. You can go for themes like sharks, beach and shells (going for finely ground graham cracker crumbs as ‘sand’).everyone loves cupcakes and if you make them small enough then you can just go for one when you need to snack. If you have lots of old clothes strewn round which you have no clue as how to you can use them for something (that is not as rags) then try making them into best beach towels instead.